3 Technique Course (Classic, Russian Volume, Hybrid Eyelash Extensions)

In the first part of your course you will learn eyelash theory, going over the manual we provide to you with your instructor. Secondly, you will recieve hands on training on a mannequin head with your instructor. You will go over the process in it's entirety. How to sanitize, how to cleanse the lashes, how to apply the lashes, as well as how to remove the lashes. Once you have completed the training, you will recieve your certification the same day of class! 

Lastly we will have a small Business/Marketing Course. This will include: 

- How to start your business (Discussing business name, how to create business pages, business license, etc)

-How to market your business (What tools to use to get your business out there to receive more clients)

-Pricing based on the area you live in 

-Discuss all equipment that you will need to start your business

There will also be a questionnaire where you can ask your instructor any further questions that you may have. We have a limit of 5 students per class so that all students are able to receive one on one training with the instructor. 

Class Includes: 

- Manual

- Starter Kit (2 Lash Trays C & D curls, Tweezers straight & curved, electric lash fan, magnifying glasses, lash glue, lash cleanser, lash remover, tape, under eye gel pads, mascara wands, magnifying glasses, microfiber tips, mannequin head, practice lashes)

- Hands on Training (How to apply lashes, cleanse them, and remove them)

-Business/Marketing Course

- Lifetime support from instructor

- Course time of 4-6 hours

The classic eyelash technique is where one eyelash extension is glued to one natural lash. Russian Volume lashes are a newer and more innovative technique where multiple extensions are attached to one lash to give more dimension and texture. The Hybrid technique is the combination of two different lash application techniques classic and volume. These two techniques are perfect for your client who does not have enough natural eyelashes for the classic technique or who wants a fuller look. The Hybrid Technique is both combined creating a whispy look for your client. We recommend knowing all 3 techniques! It is essential for all lash artists! 

You have the option to choose the Classic Eyelash Technique, The Russian Volume technique or both! 


Classic Eyelash Extension- $599 

Russian Volume Eyelash Extension- $599

Classic Eyelash & Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions (Comes with FREE Hybrid Course)- $799

We do require a deposit to book your course. The deposit does go towards your full total! It is also non-refundable as it is used towards your kit. 


TLT Beauty Studio

(404) 860-4892


IG & Facebook: @tltbeautystudio


3 Technique Course (Classic, Russian Volume, Hybrid Eyelash Extensions)



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