Classic Eyelash Extension Course

Classic Eyelash Extension Course

The Classic Eyelash Extension Course is a beginner friendly course. This technique is applying on eyelash extension to one natural lash. 


Class Layout

Starting off with manual training which goes over eyelash growth cycle, preperation, eyelash extension material, product knowledge, sanitation, application, removal, waivers and all information in regards to safetly and successfully applying eyelash extensions. After, we will do our mini marketing/business course which goes over how to start your business, gain clientele and market your business. Then, we will go over our hands on training using a mannequin head with your instructor. Lastly, you will receive your certificate of completion at the end of class.


Class Includes

  • Manuals
  • Full Kit  (Enough to service your first 20 clients)
  • Mini Business 101 Course (Marketing/Business)
  • Hands on Training
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Livelong Mentorship
  • Free Refresher class if needed (You are able to come in our future classes for more pracctice at no cost)


Tuition Fee

All courses require a deposit to book and secure your seat. This deposit does go towards your full total and is non refundable unless there is an issue on the companies part.


Deposit: $99

Total: $599


We have the best training in the industry and we look forward to training you!



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Classic Eyelash Extension Course