EXTENDED Eyelash Extension Tray 15-20mm
  • Size: Individual lash extensions 0.07mm C curl, single size of 20mm x 12 rows/tray; More sizes of 0.07/0.15/0.18/0.20mm with length 8-25mm you can choose from GEMERRY
  • Easy to Use: Changing to the silver foil card. Easier to remove the lash extensions from the tray and no scraps of paper residue
  • Premium Material: GEMERRY lash extensions individual are made of high quality korean PBT, soft, lightweight and matte black. Natural and comfortable like your natural lashes
  • Professional: No kink, knot free, soft, comfortable to wear, easy to remove and natural looking. C curl is natural look, d curl more attracitve look

EXTENDED Eyelash Extension Tray 15-20mm